Your Donation Can Make A Difference

Your kind donation is crucial to sustaining the organization and powering the realization of its goals. Your kind donation will enable the organisation:

To take up legal action on behalf of poor victims against offenders – as the last resort- to seek redress including compensation in the courts of law.

To undertake training and capacity building about patient rights as well as the various laws with potential liability for healthcare providers with a view to improving the general standards of healthcare.

To mount a national media campaign using both “traditional” and “new media” on Ghana’s Patient Charter with the aim to empowering ordinary patients with sufficient knowledge about their rights as well as the responsibilities service providers owe to them.

To mount a national campaign targeting policy makers and health service providers on price transparency with respect to routine hospital charges to enable prospective patients know ahead before enrolment. Price transparency is essential to creating a competitive healthcare market.

To lobby and sensitize policy makers and stakeholders on the existing gaps in our laws as a country in critical areas including but not limited to organ donation, surrogacy, euthanasia, no-fault compensation.