About Us


Patient Rights Watch Ghana

Patient Rights Watch Ghana (PR Watch-Ghana) is a civil society organization dedicated to promoting the constitutional and statutory rights of ordinary patients in Ghana. The human rights provisions in the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana particularly, Article 30 confers rights on sick persons. Also, Ghana has several statutes which seek to protect and safeguard the rights of the sick.
However, notwithstanding Ghana’s favorable legal regime towards the sick, the media space continues to be flooded with allegations of medical malpractice on daily basis. Ironically, such cases hardly go before the courts for the victims to obtain compensation most probably due either to ignorance about their rights as patients, illiteracy, lack of will or capacity to institute action.
Thankfully, after three decades of constitutional democratic practice as a country, the culture of human rights has gained firm roots. This coupled with Ghana’s favorable legal, political, social, economic and technological environment creates the right context for patients’ rights promotion and advocacy.
It is against this background that Patient Rights Watch Ghana seeks to become the center for patients’ rights advocacy and promotion in Ghana with the ultimate aim of helping to elevate the general standards of healthcare services for the benefit of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Our Mission

We seek to protect and advance the constitutional and statutory rights of patients and to contribute to improving standards of healthcare in Ghana through advocacy, research and education.


Our Core Values

Our shared values as an organization is embodied in our logo, the Akoben adinkra symbol. Akoben in the Akan language means “war horn”- a horn used to sound a battle in the olden days.

It is a symbol of a call to action, readiness to be called to action, readiness and voluntarism. Akoben is also a symbol of vigilance and wariness.

The Akoben symbolism and traditional wisdom is therefore an apt representation of what we seek to achieve as an organization in the healthcare space i.e. the watchdog of patient rights in Ghana.

The Objects of the Organization

To assist patients to exercise their human rights

To advise patients about their rights, the implication of those rights and assist them make informed choices

To provide training and education about patient rights to healthcare providers and policy makers with a view to improving standards

To undertake healthcare policy advocacy

To promote competitive healthcare market through advocacy for price transparency